A Tribute to A Good Woman

Published: 12th May 2010
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A Tribute to A Good Woman

By Maria Macfarlane

Mother's Day is celebrated in May; therefore it is only fitting to dedicate this edition of the mom-e-news to my late mother-in-law who passed away a few weeks ago. My daughters have had to deal with the tragedy of losing two grandparents within a 4 month period. Needless to say, one's perspective on life, love and family cannot help but be affected when touched by such profound events.

Motherhood is a vocation. We are proud parents completely devoted to the maintenance and well being of our families. We put our heart and soul into being the best mothers we can be. That commitment lasts a lifetime...but we are so much more than that.

As individuals we have occupations, dreams and ambitions. From innocent child to young woman; through middle age and then beyond, we work hard and try to make our mark on the world. We search for fulfillment and aspire to find happiness in our chosen professions. We forge strong bonds and build lasting relationships. We plan for the future, raise children and enjoy the company of friends. We manage family affairs, cultivate interests and strive to lead productive lives. Along the way we try to have some fun.

Whether we have chosen to stay at home or pursue a career... the talents, wisdom and insight that we develop while we move through life serve us well as we venture through the challenging realm of motherhood.

As I looked around the room at the people who came to pay their respects to my mother-in-law, I saw her not only as a mother, but as a person who touched people's lives in a positive way. She was not just the proud mom of two loving sons, but was a strong individual in her own right. We looked back on her life and admired all that she had accomplished. In retrospect, the funeral was a tribute to her wonderful spirit, a celebration of her life and a testament to who she was as a woman.

The qualities that endeared my husband's mother to so many people were what made her special to us, her family. Business acumen leant to the successful running and organization of a busy household... artistic abilities translated into creating imaginative crafts with the children... being a talented seamstress meant making wonderfully unique Halloween costumes for the grandkids...a love for playing cards became a fun way to socialize with family and friends.

We are the sum of all of our parts. Our actions are a reflection of our values and who we are as a person is the basis for what kind of parent we become. Our character, personality, strengths and weaknesses all influence how we wear the precious mantle of motherhood. Conversely, the fact that we are parents colors our perspective and impacts all that we do.

A good mother shares the love that she has in her heart, generously gives of herself and enriches those around her. A good woman embraces her own greatness, leads by example and makes a difference in the lives of others. My mother-in-law was both. She raised her family well and led her life with grace and dignity. It will be an honor and a challenge to follow in her footsteps.

Maria Macfarlane is a mother of two and publishes the mom-e-news Newsletter, providing insight and information for the proactive mom. To subscribe to the newsletter or for more articles, please visit http://www.mom-e-news.com or send an email to info@mom-e-news.com

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